women’s liberation

The color pink has a complicated relationship with gender that goes back generations.
I'm 3 years older than Hillary. I grew up in the corporate world, at a time, when psychotic men were powerful, and powerful women were bitches.
There are also monsters lurking in our unconscious. These monsters often attack us at even the thought of teaching women
Summertime also supplies a considerably important history lesson on how the Women's Rights Movement was intertwined with the battle against homophobia.
Not really. These are transports from another culture where these things are a norm. But, even for that, the freedom in dressing
"We're out here having fun, we're out here celebrating life, celebrating New York City, celebrating being a woman."
In many ways, what Mad Men did best was to chronicle the stories of its female protagonists during shifting times. Joan and Peggy climbed up the winding staircase from office manager and secretary to less supporting roles while Betty, Trudy, and even Megan showed they wore the Capri pants in the family.
The play illustrates Heidi's deep friendships and her unhealthy relationship with a man, all the while incorporating the overarching theme of growing into herself as a woman, a professor of art history, and a feminist.
With the dogwood on the Spelman College campus newly bloomed and the grass close-cropped and fragrant, an attractive, tawny-skinned girl crossed the lawn to her dormitory to put a notice on the bulletin board. It read: Young Ladies Who Can Picket Please Sign Below.
1895: The Gibson Girl Original pen and ink drawing for "The Weaker Sex," illustration by Charles Dana Gibson, via Wikipedia