women's self defense

Pakistani audiences gasped, laughed and cried at the same places that American audiences do. As Randy Mamiaro, a former suited
He jumped up and grabbed her from behind with his left arm around her neck, saying, "If you scream, I'll stab you," over
There are also monsters lurking in our unconscious. These monsters often attack us at even the thought of teaching women
The overwhelming majority of anti-Muslim violence targets women.
We agree that men should stop raping. We agree there needs to be a systemic challenge to culture. We are squarely behind third party interveners, female and male. However, sexual predators are canny about attacking when no "good guys or gals" are around. What then?
You do NOT want to mess with this Victorian lady. Judging from this 1906 photo by Percy C. Bryon, she could probably take
The essence of physical defense (the last resort) is primal, elemental. Some part of you already knows how to do this.
As a culture, let's ditch last century's lunatic New Age notion that we women folk are all compassionate, do-no-harmers; that flow and force are not mutually compatible.