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As Dr. Shoes whisks the shoe to the back of his shop to begin the intricate restoration process, I look around with fresh intel and begin to decipher what lies behind the veritable hall of fame represented by the signed playbills, headshots and theatrical posters.
I find it interesting that virtually no articles on high heel risks suggest giving them up as a viable option, much less the one sure way to prevent or minimize these problems. Most simply suggest cutting back on how often you wear them and lowering the height -- I'm guessing because they realize that for many women, giving them up is simply not perceivable.
It might be a little cliché, but really, what woman doesn't love a pair of heels? They elongate your legs, dress up even your most casual outfit, and add just a touch of sexiness.
Attention Shoe Manufacturers: Middle-aged women have the resources and desire to purchase fashionable, comfortable shoes. Why don't you make any?
There are some easy solutions to solve these new developments that you have developed over the years and no, you do not need to have foot surgery just yet.
Foundations do just as much work for our bodies and breasts as shoes. So why don't we embrace bra buying the same way? The two purchases have much in common.
This is for all the shoe-obsessed people out there.
Have you looked down lately? What is that you're wearing?
Remember the days when you wanted these bad boys in every color? These versatile sneakers are sporty enough to run around
Stop for a second and think about how many pairs of shoes you own. The answer? Probably too many, according to a new study.
What's more, the survey found that 86 percent of women own at least one pair of shoes that they've never worn. Is this a
Maybe it is a psychological barrier I have constructed to slow my maturation into a full-fledged adult, but whatever the case, I'm starting to feel judged by the shoes that I wear.
The strongest force behind Bercovitch's new career was the impact it would have on her children. What would they think of
Women's shoes fit, but they're ugly, and men's shoes, while cute, don't fit. I've even resorted to trying on large boys' shoes. You haven't lived until you've caught soccer moms staring at you wide-eyed while you try to jam your foot into a shoe in the children's section at the shoe store.