women's suffrage

Abby Johnson, an anti-abortion extremist, believes that "the husband would get the final say” in regards to voting.
The museum dedicated to Susan B. Anthony turned down a presidential pardon and instead suggested ways President Donald Trump could truly honor the late suffrage leader.
President Donald Trump was “curious” as to why no one celebrated the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage — before the 100th anniversary.
Dozens of female House leaders are wearing white at the State of the Union in the name of gender equality and women's rights.
A political science professor gives historical context to the ways that white women voters are (and more importantly, aren't) tied to each other.
The gesture is meant to show gratitude to the icon of women's suffrage on Election Day.
The Duchess of Sussex is the most outspoken royal on the subject of feminism.
Her makeup artist gave a subtle nod to suffragists as "a message of empowerment."
One of these designs will appear on lapels everywhere this fall.
“It's difficult to connect with and trust her.”