women's voices

A woman is complete irrespective of her marital or maternal status. The legacy of a woman is her contribution to the society as a whole.
It has taught me to appreciate and enjoy real food: I've learned to view food as medicine and fuel. When you think of food
Those hard moments that sometimes last longer than we'd like can help us be empaths and more open to others. Self-knowledge
Having high ambitions is not wrong and in fact, most people who are greatly successful, become so, only because they've dared to dream big. Being ambitious is not wrong, as it's the first step to success and it leads us to work towards what we want.
Yet there is Olivia Pope, week after week, invading the personal space of the world's most powerful fictional men, sticking
If you can't get past a woman's voice to listen to her words, that's on you.
When I was little, I used to climb up on the big couch in my living room and tell my family the most fascinating stories
Remember when this happened? Look back on three great moments of 2015 as told by Huffington Post Senior Women's Editor Emma Gray
In our western culture, in particular in the U.S. corporate world, women's voices are not "suppressed." But they are often not fully heard. Why not?
Alzheimers is a disease that takes the story of your life and throws the pages of memory up in the air. Many blow away. But some land right in your hands.