women's vote

More than half of Americans approve of the job he’s doing in office.
I've come to the conclusion, and it could certainly be skewed, that we are not only the sum total of our experiences, but the product of our interpretation of those experiences. These form the foundation of our beliefs.
A version of this blog was originally published by OurFuture.org A future like the one previewed by Nate Silver may never
He is reportedly taking debate advice from accused sexual harasser Roger Ailes.
Donald Trump is still stonewalling on releasing his tax returns, with no sign of a reversal in sight. He obviously doesn't want to reveal how the tax code favors him as a certified one-percenter. But he has no problem bloviating on so-called tax fixes for the nation's majority -- women.
We've had to feel it through storytelling, which creates a safe space to experience a given cultural shift (as "All in the
If Trump really loves women and is serious about getting their votes, let us hear his plan to fix a system that doesn't work for moms. The majority of mothers, like fathers, now work outside the home -- they need the money to support their families.
Sorry, John. Female voters are listening carefully -- very carefully -- and women are not stupid. They know doublespeak when they hear it, and they just got an earful of it from you.