"Pants can be seen as the material manifestation of women’s desires to have different lives during times when they were greatly oppressed."
Stainless steel water bottle that can be customized. Image courtesy CafePress 5. Baseball Cap 6. Socks Baseball cap example
During the iconic cover girl era of the Naomi's, Tyra's and Cindy's, supermodels seemed untouchable. Only a select few with the right bone structure and symmetrical smile could ever have the chance to see themselves reflected in mainstream outlets. I never thought I'd be in their place one day.
The patch has roots in the Military; and it is an accessory that is making a comeback this season.
There is usually one key personality, an artist that strikes that extra chord of creativity, brilliance and beauty for me at an event.
COS is definitely coming in hot into the U.S and now we know why. Behind those beautifully structured garments with premier fabrics, there is a team and leading this team is a visionary. I can firmly say that under Karin's watch COS is breaking the glass ceiling of women's ready-to-wear.
More than a concept store, it's a movement. Kai and the ST team are creating a space where people can engage with the work of emerging designers while connecting over coffee with others who share their same appreciation for unique beauty.
What used to be in the realm of early adopters, or metrosexuals, has become so normalized and hit mainstream. Wearing a well fitting suit, tapered jeans, a pocket square and taking the time to comb your hair no longer warrants a double take.