Lang helped create the historic 1969 music festival that served as a touchstone for generations of music fans.
Author Clinton Heylin says the singer was in England and Los Angeles for much of the period in 1965 when the abuse allegedly took place in New York.
If you love to rock tie-dye, American flags or groovy headbands, you can thank Woodstock for the fashion inspiration.
9. BE COMPASSIONATE: I know you are a passionate man. Throughout the seven decades of your life, you have thrown your whole
Get Outdoors Insider Tip In the middle of this fairytale hamlet sits the Woodstock Inn. This traditional white clapboard
For more Northeast destinations, please visit offMetro.com. Insider Tip Downhill skiers and snowboarders can traverse a variety
The festival annually presents films ranging from Hollywood fare to obscure international indie features. This year opened