“It’s a great way to unwind after work,” says Thomas Morel, owner of Les Cognees.
In an ironic twist, now that Burch is back in the state he grew up in, his parents, enchanted by Israel on their many visits to see their son, now live there full-time. In a way, Burch muses, it's the closing of a circle that opened decades ago -- when a teenager in search of an identity first asked his mother what exactly it meant to be Jewish.
Get ready for a lot of tail wagging, purring, and melodious chirping, because these tiny home upgrades from animal loving bloggers have made some pets very happy. Here are some DIY ideas that they won't be able to get enough of.
If there was ever a month to take the time to appreciate building and decorating with reclaimed wood, April is it.
This is my third Father's Day without him. Yet, in my world, his presence is bigger than ever.
BEST YOUNG CRAFTER Black and White Freeform Scarf -- Angela Nardone Angela doesn't like to read crochet patterns, and she
For those who vote on their fave craft, there's a chance to win one of the giveaway prizes from Red Heart Yarns, Blick Art
Actor John Ratzenberger worked as a carpenter before landing the role of Cliff, the disgruntled postal worker who loved spending hours at the local bar with his buddies. And in the years since "Cheers" concluded its 11-season run, Ratzenberger has returned to his woodworking roots.
In order for cost and supply to keep up with the demand artists often use cheap and accessible materials such plywood, particleboard and Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). What these products don't tell you are the makeup of MDF board is toxic.
As the tastiest honey is usually found in beehives, but impossible to buy in a market, Armenian designers of Backbone Studio conceived packaging out of wood as an improvised beehive place holder to contain honey.
An organization that started as one Utah couple making hand-carved wooden toys in their garage for their grandchildren has now grown to make and provide toy cars to over one million children across the globe.
UFO 907 and William Thomas Porter (photo © Jaime Rojo) UFO 907: Not necessarily but I love that idea! At this point it seems
Discuss "craft" with Scott Constable, whose training includes apprenticeships under master woodworkers and who specialization in traditional joinery, and you're likely to hear about such things as traditional bodgery and English guilds.
When it comes to tackling those lingering home fixer-uppers, there's no better time than the weekend. If you haven't already
In the exclusive video above, Nick Offerman, who plays Swanson on the NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation" (Thursdays at 9:30
Bring a touch of nature to your desk with this Craft Of The Day. Though it does involve some very light wood working, this