wooly mammoth

Scientists are one step closer to cloning a woolly mammoth, thanks to the results of a new autopsy conducted on a remarkably
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Despite the small sample of bones studied, the number was surprising. In modern elephants, the researchers found, only about
Other scientists dream of bringing back a beast that roamed the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago: the woolly mammoth
Biologists briefly brought the extinct Pyrenean ibex back to life in 2003 by creating a clone from a frozen tissue sample harvested before the goat's entire population vanished in 2000. The clone survived just seven minutes after birth, but it gave scientists hope that "de-extinction," once a pipedream, could become a reality.
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Mastodon teeth are considered collectibles and can be bought on eBay. Villanueva said he's been offered $500 for his mighty
Likewise, the "Symposium on the Future of Zoos" held in Buffalo last February, predicted that attractions could one day include
Friday, June 1 Trombone World Record at Nationals Park This is the way to promote a show. "The Music Man" is currently being
There was also talk of robotic animals, which would be safer and more accessible than their living counterparts. However
The team will be led by Professor Akira Iritani, professor emeritus at Kyoto University, notes Physorg.com. Mammoths were
Creating mammoth eggs using the severely damaged DNA from female mammoth mummies has failed in several attempts. There have