News happens and we tell you about it here. Every. Single. Weekday. 1. Syria’s civil war is in its sixth year, with no sign
When does a spoken word create something today? Perhaps when it inspires, for example, during a motivational talk, or at
Feelings and emotions that motivate or paralyze us lie within the limbic system. Our awareness that our emotional life colors our performance can liberate us from some brain chains.
The goal is to increase our awareness with: Education Exposure/proximity Travel Necessity (economic advantages) Recognition
The power of language to define or wound cannot be denied. All of us know expressions that demean based on race and gender or mental health. I once heard a surly neighbor call my father a cripple. Unkind language keeps narrow-minded attitudes alive.
6. Curate Foodie is defined as "a person with a particular interest in food." Last time we checked, most people have a particular
Based on a powerful spoken word problem, Shane Koyczan's To This Day Project explores the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.
It appears teenagers have become sentient. They're infiltrating our society, they've learned how to walk upright (sort of), and they've even started to create their own cryptic language.
Several years ago, when I was not a bookstore employee but merely a regular customer, I wrote up BookCourt, an independent
These are just some of the questions that researchers and members of the public can now answer using a new online tool called