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The only thing that creates a similar eruption of discovery-joy and elation to my finding a book that finds me and the excitement and anticipation to read it is...
It's real fun and everything, coming up with crazy, half-baked words that you don't even know, but then you run it by the Words with Friends database and hey, presto, they accept it.
Facebook's Creative Director Ji Lee has an unusual habit: he stares at words until he can find their meanings hidden inside
WATCH: Battling it out from coast to coast Ev and Phillip are "prolific and digitally eloquent, and let the word game flow
Word addicts unite! Word game apps are spreading fast. There a tons of them out there, and we're sure you've found many of
But how many people know that "hack" comes from Hackney in London, jeans from Genoa, or coach from the Hungarian city of Kocs?
The unofficial number of apps available is something like ten billion. Of that number, eight billion are amazingly boring
Below is the exact same personal letter, punctuated two different ways. After reading them both, you'll agree that proper punctuation can spell the difference between a second date and a restraining order.
The best thing about the rule change, Colbert said, was that his name could now be used in Scrabble, though it would only