work abroad

Honestly, 60 percent of being a digital nomad is just trying to find reliable Wi-Fi.
When I was about to graduate from college in the US, I was given loads of advice from friends, family, colleagues, professors
Exposure to new situations and circumstances forces a new type of confidence into you, one that you can avoid much of your life if you're not exposed to something outside of your comfort zone.
Todd Schlosser came to the Dominican Republic from Ohio 11 years ago. The plan was to rent a house for a few weeks with a friend in resort-town Puerto Plata. After a couple of weeks on the island, Todd decided to stay. It was winter, and the thought of returning to snowy Ohio wasn't appealing.
Ask anybody who travels, or travel bloggers in particular, how they feel about this question and I guarantee 99 percent of them will say the same as I'm about to. There is no magic. There is no formula. Just research, will and determination.
The more you explore, the more game-changing connections you'll make. After Thailand, I'm heading back to Bali, where I made
The past week, we have been busy traveling and experiencing more of the culture here in Pana and in the towns around the lake.
11. You have grown to cherish the small things in life, like peanut butter, snail mail and a Skype conversation with loved