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”Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?” I can think of at least a hundred reasons right now― all of which sound
Last year the Swedes decided that enough was too much, so they legislated a 6-hour workday. So far the results have been
We are all creatures of habit. Every single day, we execute a series of behaviors that take us from morning, through noon, and into night.
Are your bad habits at work harming your health? We discuss how mindless office habits such as eating at your desk, bringing your phone to the bathroom and refusing to take a sick day may be affecting your well-being.
1. Stoke your creative fire. A recent study found that people in open work spaces who had brought in personal items -- photos
The Jain principle of anekantavad is about respecting the variety of perspectives in the world, but it has its roots in the interconnectedness of all beings.
Distraction dilutes brain power, frazzles the nerves and results in non-optimum outcomes. The cure is to do one thing at a time. That's it in a nutshell. Do just what you're doing, and don't do anything else.
Maybe all the millennials need is time, guidance and, in some cases, a good talking-to. Maybe those who are criticizing the way millennials view things should consider taking some responsibility for creating these so-called monsters -- because chances are many of them have millennial children of their own.
Keep work email off of your phone so that you won't be tempted to check it during off-hours. Use a flash blocker to keep
Benjamin Franklin -- the original guru of self-control and productivity -- once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Fast forward to today and rising early is still considered a common quality of highly successful people.
Much has been made of the benefits of being an early riser -- we're told that morning people are more proactive and get better
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It started small. My vision was a little blurry after working on the computer for a few hours. Then, I started to get headaches in the late afternoon. A few weeks later I noticed that I was having trouble reading street signs. Sound familiar?
Just in case your overflowing email inbox and chaotic to-do list weren't proof enough, according to a national study released earlier this month, one in three American employees are chronically overworked.
The results may explain why amphetamine-based stimulants such as Adderall can help calm someone who has attention deficit
The fall semester has been underway for only a few weeks and you're already behind in your work. This was not your intention. You'd planned to hit the ground running. You were going to turn over a new leaf this semester and become the student you knew you could be.
How crazy is it that we've gotten to a point where going out for lunch qualifies as a virtual act of rebellion?