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2. Work It, 2002 7. Hot Boyz, 1999 8. Ladies Night, 1997 12. Beep Me 911, 1998 That’s right. Regina George’s intro music
Under the umbrella of "Latinos," Boricuas make up the second largest Latino community in the country, but you would not guess that from the way ABC-TV has been handling this problem with the premier of the sitcom, "Work It" and those insulting words: "I'm Puerto Rican, I would be great at selling drugs."
Grace Parra is not afraid to take to the streets to learn how to stay sexy. No, not like that. Parra was curious how women
Not surprisingly, the joke backfired, setting off a firestorm of criticism on Facebook and Twitter, and even a primetime
I was fascinated by just how often the laugh track is activated, which is a lot. So I tried to put myself in the head of the person who activates the "Work It" laugh track. In the first 10 minutes of the second episode, the laugh track went off 56 (!!!) times.
Work It has stirred up much controversy in the U.S. How different was the response in the Netherlands to Ollie Hartmoed's Palace of Draperies, a show I wrote and in which a transgender character plays an important part?
Vicente added, "It seems hypocritical that we become indignant over things like this when that's exactly the situation that
"Work It" -- the new ABC cross-dressing comedy that has been pretty unanimously named the early frontrunner for 2012's worst
You may have heard that Work It is one of the worst sitcoms of all time. You heard correctly. In fact, if the Metacritic rating for this new show isn't the lowest score ever for a television comedy, I'll be a little disappointed in my fellow TV scribes.
When a show is as bad as Work It, and you truly have nothing nice to say about it, it often feels like you should just follow that old adage and not say anything at all. But that's not my job. (Sorry, Mom!)
Brace yourselves, there is a lot of TV coming your way this winter. And not just any TV, we're talking about top-notch, must
ABC could draw these two main characters into the transgender community, show the transgender experience through their eyes, include transgender characters played by genuine transgender actors, and make the show the transgender equivalent of Will & Grace.
The use of the image of two men in women's clothing at a urinal -- obviously in a men's public restroom -- will only further hate groups' contention that trans-identified women should not be allowed in women's public restrooms.
Work It is based on the premise that people who were born male but encounter challenges in presenting themselves as women is inherently funny. The problem is that some transgender women may find themselves in this situation.
LGBT people are only part of a long list of potentially allied minority groups that should be offended by this show: women, single parents, people out of work in this time of economic crisis, people of color, and more should all be cringing.
I believe that images like these only make it more difficult for transgender people to gain full equality, including the important right to access public accommodations appropriate to their gender identity.
Meanwhile, as the networks continue their search for the new "Friends," the shows that come closest to capturing the same