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Fooda, an office lunch service company, surveyed 500 people to find out how Americans are spending their lunch breaks.
3. Skinny Chicken Salad: Eat it plain, on a sandwich or with some whole-wheat crackers! Our recipe for chicken salad is definitely
Plus two other reasons you should step away from the computer.
"Their mouths say, 'Nice to see you!' but their eyes say, 'Burn in hell!'"
The meal: A single slice of pizza. Alternatives: Instant oatmeal, hanging around outside a conference room to try to get
Your lunch break is looking a whole lot better.
"We found that a critical element was having the freedom to choose whether to [work through lunch] or not," study co-author
Skarlicki's paper explains that "violations of dignity and respect" may actually trigger a human alarm system meant to warn
I didn't go to my deli with an agenda. There was no "Come on, Fradkin, you can do this" moment. I went because, like many New Yorkers, I have a job for which a lunch hour is nonexistent.
How crazy is it that we've gotten to a point where going out for lunch qualifies as a virtual act of rebellion?