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Check out some of the photos from their travels below. As if it isn't problematic enough that the average American worker
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It may be summertime, but the living isn't exactly easy. Vacations are increasingly being squeezed by our inability to disconnect
For everyone out there who hoards vacation days until it's too late to use them, and then brags about it in the office, I say "Stop the madness!" You're promoting a dangerous urban legend.
Only 77 percent of employers offer paid time off, with the average American worker receiving just two weeks of paid vacation
Americans are good at many things, but relaxing generally isn't one of them. Many of us use only a fraction of our earned time off.
Marissa Mayer Deloitte Consulting CEO Jim Moffatt told Forbes that vacations are not only essential to his own productivity
If completely unplugging isn't an option, take an honest look at your workload and decide exactly what and how much you'll
If you say you're off the grid for vacation, you act that way. Because as soon as you respond to one work email, you change the game -- and the expectations. In fact, what you're doing is telling people not to believe what you say, because you do something different.
Now I'm a big fan of the fake-it-till-you-make-it school of career advancement, but there are some things you really gotta know, because there just aren't any excuses for not knowing them.