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It's purposely uncomfortable for long-term sitting. Does this U.K. company's patent cross a line?
The Eclipse came and went — here’s how it affected our economy.
And then I had kids. Things changed. Now there is just SO much to do, all of the time. There is always something to pick
Don't just sit there all day.
After tackling the recession, economic uncertainty and (now) labor shortages, most companies haven't returned to pre-recession hiring levels. We are running our people into the ground.
Sitting is unavoidable. You can't pace up and down the aisle of an airplane during your flight, or in a theatre during the movie. In most culture's it's impolite to jog in place while eating a burrito. The solution is not simply sitting less; it's sitting better.
Working to benefit a good cause increases productivity by up to 30 per cent, according to the findings of a new study from
You may have your work routine down to a science, from where you prefer to grab some quiet space to the exact time you take
In some cases, workers have been encouraged to take a break to watch the U.S. team's matches. On June 26, New York Governor