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This will be Brazil’s first general strike in more than two decades if it gets widespread participation.
After weathering a bruising campaign to drive her from office, Dilma appears to be on her way out.
Many of President Dilma Rousseff's loudest critics are embroiled in their own corruption scandals.
Under Brazil's presidential system, Rousseff will remain in office but the break sharply raises the odds she could be impeached in a matter of months.
A president fighting impeachment names a finance minister not trusted by markets as Brazilians, dismayed by the country's politics, prepare for more hardship in 2016.
"Brazil is already experiencing one of its deepest political, moral, ethical and fiscal crises. The president has committed
Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is struggling with a loss of popularity and an inability to pass reforms that are critical to addressing the enormous economic challenges facing Brazil.
Millions of Brazilians will sing and dance in the streets in the pre-lent festival of Carnaval starting this weekend. This year, however, there is no way to escape the harsh realities of a government paralyzed by division, scandals, and an economy on the verge of recession.
Without the extended absence, Kim not showing up Friday would not be all that important or unusual. Such anniversaries are
The wind appears to again be at Dilma Rousseff's back again, as Brazil's performance at the World Cup has virtually assured that she will be re-elected -- politics working as politics do.
A few years ago, a substantial majority of Brazilians supported holding the World Cup in their country. By last May, the share had declined to half - astoundingly low for some of the world's most enthusiastic soccer fans - with small but strident protests persisting across the country. The President's opponents want the protests to disrupt the games, damaging Brazil's international image; some are even hoping for Brazil's team to lose.
Former senator Marina Silva's unexpected decision to join the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) and position herself as running mate of governor Eduardo Campos of Pernambuco, president of the PSB, in next year's presidential race, has forced campaign strategists back to the drawing board.
When Associated Press photographer Vincent Yu traveled to North Korea for the 65th anniversary of the ruling Workers' Party
I arrived at Brazil's PR firm's fancy upstairs offices where a company rep provided me with a glossy green booklet showcasing Brazil's many economic accomplishments.
With Brazil deciding whether to provide women with the financial assistance and educational opportunities necessary to help them grow beyond their traditional role, it's trick or treat on October 31.
The daughter of a Bulgarian immigrant and a teacher, Rousseff coordinated resistance activities and handled weapons as a