workers rights

Inside the high-stakes campaign that ended with a lopsided loss for the union.
The Ohio Democrat implored Republicans to stop with the culture war and "start working with us" to pass legislation to help Americans.
Workers and safety advocates feared the faster speeds would lead to more injuries and COVID-19 infections.
Uber, Lyft and others have spent over $185 million on a campaign to exempt them from a California law that would make drivers employees with benefits.
Safety experts warn that the Trump administration move will leave regulators oblivious to workplace coronavirus clusters.
Tiny fines. Few inspections. No new regulations. Experts say the agency entrusted with protecting workers has been AWOL amid a historic crisis.
The major ride-hailing companies plan to appeal the decision, which would obligate them to provide additional benefits to drivers.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration gently enforces its voluntary COVID-19 guidelines.
There's a risk, but some states have laws protecting employees from being fired for legal off-duty activities.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and fellow lawmakers say the agency has "largely abdicated its investigation and enforcement responsibilities" during the crisis.