workers rights

"Overly broad" nondisparagement agreements are unlawful, a new NLRB memo states — but you should read this before trashing your old workplace.
The party of paid family leave finds itself in a very awkward position.
An ambassador for the event dubbed homosexuality "damage in the mind."
An eleventh-hour deal between unions and rail companies has averted a strike that would have caused widespread disruption to passengers and businesses.
A new bill in California will prevent companies from punishing workers who fail a test that looks into whether they've recently used marijuana.
The chain claims it needs to recoup its costs for employees who leave early. Workers say the real aim is to hold their wages down.
An inclusive cast and powerful real-life parallels take center stage in "7 Minutes," produced by Waterwell, the company co-founded by "Succession" star Arian Moayed.
In a huge blow to the labor rights movement, the multi-billion dollar retail giant beat efforts by warehouse workers to unionize.
Hundreds of airport workers — wheelchair attendants, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and more — protested in over a dozen cities, from Dallas to Chicago.
Loopholes in U.S. law allow oil and gas companies to evade labor and environmental regulations and avoid compensating injured workers.