workers rights

“Someone is going to die as a result of this legislation,” said one worker.
One employee was told if they wore "BLM" on their uniforms, then management would have to let others wear swastikas, according to trial testimony.
An administrative law judge didn't buy the argument that wearing BLM clothing on the job was part of advocating for a better workplace.
Employment experts weigh in on your protections at work and what else you should know about personal social media use.
Co-workers said Chris Begley, a 28-year veteran of UPS, "embodied the spirit of what it means to be a Teamster."
Starting Tuesday, the law enables workers to legally seek “reasonable accommodation” for pregnancy, childbirth and associated medical conditions.
"Overly broad" nondisparagement agreements are unlawful, a new NLRB memo states — but you should read this before trashing your old workplace.
The party of paid family leave finds itself in a very awkward position.
An ambassador for the event dubbed homosexuality "damage in the mind."
A new bill in California will prevent companies from punishing workers who fail a test that looks into whether they've recently used marijuana.