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by Ashley Balcerzak Is it 2018 already? Hard to believe it’s only been six months since the last election judging by the
A pro-Clinton labor group is going after Donald Trump's core demographic in swing states.
Donald Trump, a billionaire who opposes raising the minimum wage, now at the poverty level of $7.25 an hour, is holding himself out to working people as the man who will stand as a dam against that torrent.
By understanding how women's health care issues affect the working world, we can begin to address the coverage inequalities that persist. I sat down with my colleague NOW President Terry O'Neill to discuss the challenges facing women today when it comes to healthcare, and the options for doing better in 2016.
"A woman's rights affect everyone's rights. This is happening in sectors where people think it's not -- like manufacturing, where women might get only $11-12 an hour. Collaboration is important, and women need to come together. We also need men supporting this."
"I'm focusing on working harder on my schooling. I'm hoping that my degree will continue to help me to raise my financial
The group says it plans to make more than 5 million phone calls to voters in those states, in addition to adding field organizers
But Robert Laszewski, a health policy consultant and former insurance industry executive, suggests that the money could be
This Thanksgiving will be very different for too many American workers. They won't share in the bounty they helped create.
Who wouldn't like to believe that a more exciting convention format prefigures a major turning point for labor?
For workers in America, it can be hard to know where to turn when a boss pays you late or not at all, doesn't provide benefits, or just yells at you for no good reason. That's why a Working America launched a website last month that makes it easy to get that kind of information.
Kush also apologized, telling McKay, "It was in ill-fated attempt at humor, on my personal page, not the county party’s page
In a town built on access and power, few want to directly confront the guy in charge. And you know what? Before everyone gets all worked up about that fact, they should understand that it is the nature of DC insider-ism.
Mitt Romney's Achilles heel is what he supports and what he won't own up to. President Obama's strategy should be to relentlessly explain, explain, explain.