working class

"We should be taxing the soaring profits of our own multinational corporations and using the revenues to help working-class households," Jeffrey Sachs wrote.
The ironworker who took on Paul Ryan wants to help other people of modest means run for Congress.
Like the congresswoman-elect, poor people are simultaneously shamed for their poverty and told that they're not poor enough.
The midterms are a test of the Democrats' strategy of targeting middle-class voters on Medicaid, Social Security and raising the minimum wage.
Come November, his members will "probably" back Democratic candidates.
It's not just billionaires who are benefitting from runaway inequality.
This dad worked three jobs, seven days a week, so he could surprise his 14-year-old daughter with her dream dress.
Workers are the very people who produce the profits on which capitalism depends.
Lecy Goranson, who plays Becky Conner, says the new season tackles all kinds of issues for the working class.
Like his pop, he says he's fighting for working class "beaten up by the system."
Not even the middle class is a clear winner in the Republican plan.
Former Gov. Steve Beshear made it work, spectacularly, in Kentucky.
Many have been tricked into ignoring racial injustice that is still alive and thriving.
Jeffery Bean was one of 200 factory workers laid off by Batesville Casket last month.