Working Families Flexibility Act

Democrats in the House and Senate plan to introduce a bill Wednesday that would guarantee workers the right to request flexible
By limiting career options of some talented workers, we are failing to build an economy that can operate at its full potential and jeopardizing our ability to compete on the world stage.
Kelsey's bill is expected to pass both chambers of the GOP-controlled state legislature. A Tennessee Republican has introduced
More workers are looking for ways to balance their responsibilities, such as driving to doctors' appointments, physical therapy, or just food shopping. Flexible work arrangements are one way to help workers do that.
No set of policies will solve the fundamental challenge women face in balancing work and family: There are only 24-hours in a day, and we cannot be in two places at once. The best we can do is create an environment that leads to a wide variety of opportunities
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Depression-era statute that serves as the bedrock of U.S. labor law, hourly workers
In a perfect gift for mothers just short of Mother's Day, House Republicans have once again introduced legislation with a charming title and a potentially devastating impact for working women and families.
This week, House Republicans are rolling out a plan they hope will boost the party's appeal among working families, by giving
Why are some members of Congress wasting time on a bill that would make things even worse for many of these families?