working families party

The Working Families Party is rallying the left to stop former Gov. Terry McAuliffe.
“For a guy to start a political party called the Women’s Equality Party was just absurd,” a female former lawmaker said.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is trying to wipe out a source of power for the progressive group.
The race in Massachusetts’ 4th District shows the dangers of a divided field for the left.
The Working Families Party and Justice Democrats announced a $500,000-plus advertising blitz to elect Democratic primary challenger Jamaal Bowman.
Criminal justice reform requires change in the “larger ecosystem,” said the former candidate for Queens district attorney.
The New York governor’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has made him a star, but progressives say the new state budget shows his true colors.
"Now there’s one progressive in the race," said a leader of the Working Families Party.
Governor’s races in the South, legislative elections in Virginia and city council races in Philadelphia will test if all politics is national.
“I really feel that Elizabeth Warren would have a better shot at unifying the left and the center," said one Working Families Party leader.