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For me, one of the best pleasures of Mother's Day is having a true day off -- a day when I don't have to figure out where we'll all be going or what we'll all be eating. Some researchers call this type of work -- serving as "cruise director" for your family -- the third shift.
Paid family leave, paid sick days, wage equality, flexibility, affordable child care, women's advancement: These are the issues that have mattered to working families for three decades -- and will continue to do so.
We are all sisters, so please join me this month in taking a moment to lend a hand to a woman in your world.
It's likely not that surprising to hear that women are still doing the majority of what was once called "women's work." That said, it is surprising to see that even in dual-income families where the woman outearns her partner, she's still handling most of the at-home jobs.
When it comes to putting food on the table -- on a weeknight, no less -- the brunt of the burden still falls most heavily on moms. And when mom also has a full-time job, well, the time available to make a healthy dinner happen for everyone is tight, to say the least.
You'd think something experienced by nearly 20 percent of the American workforce (or nearly 27 million people) wouldn't be such be such a taboo topic for us and yet for decades, most women opted to suffer from in silence.
I'm intrigued by the positive take on work life issues emanating from my younger peers. Their influence already is rippling throughout the workforce as they seek new ways to work and parent -- and I would say, after reading our findings, rightfully so.
Did the 5.1 million partnered breadwinning moms plan on being their family's primary earner? (I didn't.) Do they find it stressful? (I do.) What impact has it had on other parts of their lives, like housekeeping and parenting? (Not a lot, I'd say.)
The New Year is approaching quickly and that often provides a tangible cue for job seekers who may be looking for a new start. It even prompts some of us happily at work to consider other options out there, even if only briefly. That's just what the rekindling of a calendar turn is all about.