working parent

From clinginess to regression, here's what to look out for. And how to give them attention without depleting yourself.
We adapted through spring and summer. Now a new school year begins as we face more months of an impossible juggle — with no help in sight.
Women politicians have always paid attention. Now more of the men are, too.
As child care centers face collapse and schools stumble toward the fall, parents struggle to stay afloat. The consequences for children will be devastating.
The U.S. pays hundreds of billions of dollars a year in direct and indirect costs for a broken system, a new report finds.
The senator and presidential hopeful introduced a bill to fund programs allowing kids to stay at schools until 6 p.m.
It's a huge issue for working parents and the candidates keep trying to bring it up.
There’s a war going on in every home. It may be silent, but it’s deadly. Both sides are completely validated in standing
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