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In honor of the actor’s birthday, here are some of her candid experiences being a mom.
No one knows how to manage their time like a mother.
Now that you know what kind of nanny you're looking for, the next step is to figure out your target salary. Like it or not
"Our daughter is six months old, and we started looking for a nanny, which was our first choice for childcare, several months
I don't spend much time looking at my face. I've stared at it for decades and know just what there is to see: circles under
“Working Mother Suit” highlights the obstacles working moms face.
Jessica O'Dowd recently returned to work after maternity leave.
Using a timer to define when we can give our undivided attention to our children, during family meetings, chore time, roughhousing and meal time can teach them important lessons in boundaries. Here are the top 5 ways that using a timer can help create boundaries for your child!
When kids go back to school at various ages, new demands pile on parents very quickly. New schedules, new homework, new teachers, and new schools are just the beginning.
Working moms probably deal with more chaos in a single day than most people do in their entire week. And I don’t say this
When the National Partnership for Women & Families issued its first Expecting Better report in 2005, the world was a very
In honor of these loving hardworking individuals, I wanted to jot down some of the best tricks that have helped me have a better relationship with time, AND with everything I have going on in my busy fun life.
Having children often makes it harder to advance in your career, according to a new poll.