working remotely

Going fully remote isn't for every business, but for those that adopt the model, it can save money and improve productivity
You've probably been back at work for a week or so now; working remotely probably sounds more attractive than ever.
I cringe whenever I think about commuting to work. The time spent thinking about actually getting work done. The bumper-to
The internet has completely changed how businesses operate. Many companies are able to eliminate the traditional office setting
In my experience (and, I have a hunch, in yours), it's slim to none. In our workplace model that prioritizes time spent at a desk, Sam and Pat may rarely move from their chairs.
When it comes to what to bring with you, the key is to travel light but also prepared for business. Have formal attire at
The latest video conferencing technology is drop-dead simple to use. It's as easy as pushing one button to join a video conference. Yes, you heard it right: one single button to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime wth pristine quality.
For military spouses, Labor Day is another reminder of the professional disparity between having a civilian career path versus being a military dependent and one's opportunity to "labor."
One "checked-out" employee may not cause a major ripple throughout the organization, but they can have a negative effect. You want everyone on your team to be excited and committed to achieving a shared goal.
Being productive every day is a challenge. The challenge is at least doubled if you are working from home - simply because home and work never seem like separate entities. If you have little feet pattering around, that challenge is suddenly increased manifold.
What if instead of working on someone else's terms, you were able to parlay more money to more freedom and live/work on your own terms?
When was the last time that you looked forward to a business trip? Even if you are hoping to close a deal with a big client, once you get over the initial excitement the dread creeps in. You start to think about the security lines. Flight delays ... cramped seating ... babies crying in your ear ... lost luggage. (Feel your head starting to pound?) And that is all before you even get to the airport.
We can actually choose where we want to live without sacrificing our careers.
Are you going to be on the edge of your life (quietly reassuring yourself that it's ok here and that those jumpers are crazy anyway) or are you going to be the one that jumps straight into life, in spite of its uncertainty?
A new crop of remote working programs are catering to a growing population of "digital nomads."
Nearly everyone we talked to told us that they too had always wondered what everyone else was doing.
When your team is everywhere -- how do you keep it together? Working with a remote team comes with a distinct set of challenges, and yet we see many successful companies making it work. They do it with a number of helpful tools, and with a great deal of understanding.
If you read this article and take away only one lesson, it should be that innovation requires trust. No one's going to do