The judgment of women and people of color at work is still being discounted.
Certain phrases come with loaded meanings that leaders should be aware of.
Your boss can read your DMs, and everyone can see how much you talk.
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The co-author of "Nine Lies About Work" explains why you shouldn't care which company you work for.
Don't be fooled by "Everything is fine" and "Don't you agree?"
The guidelines enable people to seek fines if they've been harassed or punished in workplaces, schools or public spaces because of their hair.
"You can’t swipe left on a coworker’s face no matter how annoying they are."
Ironically, in attempting to play fair, bosses may be choosing less-deserving people they don’t know well.
The agency has made more than five times as many arrests as last fiscal year and targeted more businesses suspected of employing undocumented immigrants.
Ever sit in a meeting with no clue what people are talking about?
Nearly one-third of LGBTQ respondents also said they felt unhappy or depressed in the workplace.
The provision is really just a tax break for companies that already offer some paid leave.
After facing sexual discrimination in the workplace, Memphis resident Sheila White sued her employers in a landmark case that went all the way to the Supreme Court.
Certainly a trait of all successful leaders is their ability to not only understand what they need, but what others around
By incorporating a daily refocus meeting into your daily grind, you can get everyone on board to what the big picture really
Laughing so we don't cry is a coping mechanism for many of us these days. It can also inspire meaningful action. That's the