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Seattle's Yesler Agency offers employees the option to work from home one day a week allowing them a chance to re-group and
Okay well first of all only some people think working in your pajamas is not cool. I disagree on a couple levels and agree
Despite all the distractions, there are proven ways to increase your productivity that are not as hard as you think. Thankfully, it is in little changes that we have the ability to see dramatic gains. The following are five ways to dramatically increase your productivity.
Take matters into your own hands and take that vacation. If you don't, you risk undermining your performance and, ultimately, your career. Remember: Life is finite; work is infinite. Go take a vacation.
Sitting is unavoidable. You can't pace up and down the aisle of an airplane during your flight, or in a theatre during the movie. In most culture's it's impolite to jog in place while eating a burrito. The solution is not simply sitting less; it's sitting better.
Most studies show increased productivity, improved concentration and an elevated frame of mind among those who listen to music at work; as opposed to negative consequences.
Two new studies are highlighting the growing benefits of exercising on the job, whether it's going for a brief stroll on
By now, you've probably attempted a million work hacks to make your desk job a little more enjoyable. Maybe you've tried
Changes don't have to be drastic to be effective. So rather than flipping your entire work schedule upside down, it's easier to start small; block off 60 minutes at the start of your peak work times for whatever your day's priority might happen to be, and start there.