workplace romance

The real "crush" comes with the weight of harsh reality. Spoiler alert: Not good. It's hard to know how to proceed with an
One of my ultimate fantasies, besides having sex in a cab, which I will probably never fulfill, is having sex in the office
Okay, so sure, the buxom waitress and the grease-dappled mechanic are in there, but who knew database administrators spread
Here's the dirty little secret most of us don't want to admit. Many of us wonder about the attractiveness of the people our significant others work closely with and many of us inquire about it too, and with good reason. According to the experts, nearly half of all affairs begin at work.
Office romances are on the rise, and major companies like Southwest Airlines are now saying they're okay. Can water cooler flirtation actually be good for business?
Looking to spice up your work day? Try ending emails to your colleagues with a ;). But even though they might literally be
Over and over we hear about how romantic relationships in the workplace go south and create all kinds of drama. Sometimes it's the most obvious protective measures that are left out of corporate policy.
In the real world, harassment is never as clear as we think. It's usually an offhand remark, a flattering comment, a hard to interpret brushing of the hand or too long of a gaze on your body parts.
Hysterical pundits don't get it! Women are still born to be seduced by bosses!
The issue of sexual harassment is fraught with ambiguity. It's emotionally loaded because it is so personal and intense - involving both sex and power.