workplace safety

Workplace safety experts say they're surprised the administration hasn't put a new emergency standard in place to combat the coronavirus.
New data shows that onsite OSHA inspections plunged 35% during the worst workplace safety crisis in generations.
So far three former officials with Armstrong Coal have acknowledged their part in a fraud made public by HuffPost.
The federal government issued a rare citation against the meatpacking company that had one of the worst outbreaks in the country.
Good COVID-19 prevention strategies don't end with screening employees for fever before they enter the office.
Under the Senate proposal, workers would remain eligible for unemployment even if they refuse to work in unsafe conditions.
There's a plague outside, but some states think it's urgently necessary for people to go to work.
Only health care facilities and select other employers will have to figure out if infections happened at work. Safety advocates are beside themselves.
Labor groups are pressing for an emergency infectious disease standard to protect workers more likely to be exposed to the virus.
The Chemical Safety Board said it doesn't want to appear as if it's blaming anyone for fatalities. Safety advocates are demanding the agency name names.