workplace violence

The suspect, identified by police as 41-year-old Antwann Demetris Brown, has been taken into custody.
Preventing workplace shootings or other violence includes acting on your intuition when it tells you something is not right.
Usually, though, it's not at the hands of police officers.
The majority of victims of bullying deal with the situation by minimization or conflict avoidance. Instead of turning to
Proposed legislation would let victims take care of their health and safety needs -- without worrying about losing their job.
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, women are much more likely than men to be victims
After two employees were killed, the hospital where they worked decided to tackle the issue head-on.
The question then becomes: Should my company be monitoring the online behaviors of our employees? The reality is that the
There is, for instance, scant relevance of the Inland Regional Centre, a niche organisation in a town of little significance
"We're Number 1!" (We must be so proud...)
The Ninth Circuit's opinion contained the following concluding paragraph: "Depression and mental illness are serious problems
We need more than just lip service to women's rights. We need tangible, concrete measures designed to address gender-based violence in the workplace. Ensuring that women have access to jobs with decent pay and safe working conditions is critical to building a just and equal society.
The federal District Court also denied that the Wal-Mart employees had an implied contract. As is typically true when individuals
A restraining order has been a traditional legal tool in domestic violence situations. However, the restraining order alone (printed on paper) will not physically protect an individual from a determined assailant.
Who were the two people who were spared? They were union officers who'd been assigned to represent him. Presumably, the shooter
The supervisor was not hurt, although police say she was shaken up. According to Local10, Hernandez was charged with attempted
Are we needlessly worried about potential violence at work or do we have genuine reason to be concerned? There's a direct connection between engaged leadership, workplace security and organizational success, regardless of your product or service.