Works Progress Administration

Cries of “unprecedented” executive action on both sides are more histrionic than historical.
From 1936 to 1943, the Works Progress Administration created over 2,000 elaborate posters dedicated to a plethora of New
Morgan said the last eight years at the Lyons Center mirror the pace of the city's post-Katrina recovery. "After ups and
The collection contains small towns, large scale machinery, Coca-Cola, overalls, PBR and all kinds of other 20th century
On the stump in Carlisle, Pa., Santorum invoked President Franklin Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration, which provided
City Park in New Orleans has mostly recovered from Katrina's wrath in 2005, and is building attractions to generate greens fees, entry tickets, concession sales, catering and equipment rentals to cover its operating expenses.
Last year, economist Robert Shiller argued that Obama's Recovery Act erred in focusing on "GDP, not unemployment, which is
But Bernstein and many other economists maintain that the package prevented the unemployment rate from climbing even higher
Jobs are scarce for everyone. College students are graduating with record levels of student debt before entering the worst job market for graduates in recent memory.
The labor crisis we face today is every bit as threatening to worker spirit and morale as the one that confronted Roosevelt when he took office. UI is not enough. The president must press Congress for WPA II.