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President Donald Trump said last week his daughter would have been a fine candidate because "she's very good with numbers."
"She reacts very well — that's usually a genetic thing," Trump told The Atlantic.
Recent earthquakes and a tsunami devastated two of the country's islands, killing thousands and causing damage in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
Up to 650,000 people in the world die from seasonal flu each year. This is much higher than the often-used numbers of 250,000
The One Planet Summit is being held on the two-year anniversary of the adoption of the historic Paris Agreement.
The list ranks countries based on the "good" they do for humanity.
Saudi discrimination against everything Iranian and Shia is so broad, it has even appeared in my own life. Am I upset? Yes
Why vaccines are simply one of the best tools to build stronger communities and economies.
"Ivanka, talk about what your father is doing to women. That would be the first step to breaking down barriers."