world bank resettlement

New measures follow ICIJ and HuffPost investigation that revealed bank wasn't enforcing its own rules
Former bank official on efforts to protect indigenous peoples: "It's a facade"
“Please pray for me ... I don’t know what to do.”
Human rights campaigners say the bank's response borders on "complete apathy."
Compensation for seized land came late, or not at all, watchdog finds.
In June, after a lengthy investigation, the bank demoted and reduced the salary of an outspoken internal critic of the bank’s
It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that for the World Bank and other financiers, poor people who stand in the way of their projects literally don't count. Time and again, the World Bank has demonstrated that it is not able to resettle people fairly. It should stop displacing people involuntarily in its projects.
This conclusion, announced by the bank on Wednesday, amounts to a reversal of its previous efforts to downplay concerns raised