World Book Day

From "Peter Pan" to “Madeline," our readers recommend their favorite books to read to their kids and give as presents.
Travel has inspired some of the greatest novels of all time. Here are just some of our favourites.
The barrier that too many adults have to discovering the new worlds waiting in books is that they cannot read with any degree of ease or comfort.
The 10 young donators in Bryant Park last night were all members of the publishing community: HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster
However, World Book Night takes book giving to a whole new level - last year, 1 million free books were given out across
Nearly six in ten teenagers are reading books electronically. 40.8% of teenagers have used computers to read books, with
It's World Book Day! Who knew? And in honor of books everywhere we'd like to celebrate their creative destruction at the
[O]n this World Book Day, if I have one modest wish, it is that, at least for a day, we ponder the real and spiritual poverty
A head teacher in Belfast recently imposed a ban on parents showing up to school in their pajamas. (Yikes! I just did that this morning!)