World Central Kitchen

Seven members of the charity's team were killed in Gaza earlier this month by Israeli airstrikes in what the country's military labeled a "grave mistake."
The World Central Kitchen food charity called the probe and disciplinary actions “important steps forward," but said systemic change is needed.
The airstrikes that killed World Central Kitchen workers were a "direct attack" on humanitarians trying to help desperate Palestinians, the chef said.
Israeli airstrikes that killed seven aid workers delivering food to starving Palestinians have reverberated around the world.
“They were brave and selfless," the president lamented.
The nonprofits, including World Central Kitchen, said they now need to determine whether their workers can safely provide aid in the region.
The chef's charity World Central Kitchen is suspending operations in Gaza after Israel killed seven workers trying to deliver food to starving Palestinians.
The kitchen was set up by World Central Kitchen, a charity that establishes feeding systems in disaster and war zones.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s foundation partnered with World Central Kitchen on the joint effort.
The celebrity chef’s nonprofit World Central Kitchen usually brings free meals to disaster victims, as it did after the California wildfires and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.