world championship

Rockstars grabbed their stitching needles to compete in the first-ever heavy metal knitting world championship.
The athlete now holds the most all-around world championship titles among women as well as a five-year winning streak.
Steve Bartman "all but vanished" after the notorious foul ball incident.
U.S. Women’s national hockey team settled negotiations for pay increase just before winning the world championship against Canada. Players Kendall Coyne, Amanda Kessel, and Meghan Duggan sit down with HuffPost’s Travis Waldron to discuss the win as well as equality in sports.
It's the team's eighth world champion gold medal and its first big win for fair pay.
“It’s bigger than hockey. It’s bigger than any one sport or individual. It’s about equitable support for females in this country."
Iroquois Nationals seek their first world championship in a game the Iroquois Confederacy originated.
I grew up watching this incredible sport on television every year, and was always fascinated by the athletes who participated. And as the Ironman celebrated 35 years this week, I reflected back on my very first Ironman in 2007.
You will laugh, you will cry, it is better than CATS. But most importantly, you will be moved. Senna is one of the most successful documentaries to come out of England to the States, ever.