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Agon Limited is pioneering the use of virtual reality in chess. This is the first World Chess Championship ever that will
My Advice for Aspiring Athletes My advice for aspiring athletes is to be resilient and never give up. Don't take a setback
In politics, I ran in six federal elections, and I won all six consecutive federal elections in a row. When I became a Cabinet
Can you even imagine the outrage that would occur if an American child were removed from our national team in favor of a child from another country who had neither a U.S. parent nor grandparent and never set foot on U.S. soil?
Will Nick Symmonds join Curt Flood, John Mackey, Ed O'Bannon, Spencer Haywood and others as seminal figures standing up for the rights of fellow athletes? Symmonds' recent actions are likely to have substantial ramifications for Olympic athletes in our country.
The bottom line is that, unless you do something to change your perspective on expectations or to help you let go of those expectations, you have very little chance of doing your best and getting the results you want.
Anchorage snowboarder Ryan Stassel struggled for words Wednesday after becoming the first American to win a world championship in slopestyle.
How can we translate that champion mentality that we see at the World Championships into a powerful mindset that can help us on a daily basis? Here's how you can apply this mental training to your fitness and your life.
Forget a low-key holiday at the beach, why not try wife-carrying or competitive air guitar on your honeymoon?
The sport of boxing has always been adept at putting itself on the canvas. Some of the self-inflicted blows derive from the fact that promoters have boxers under extended contracts.
You have to see this one to believe it. It's already been dubbed a "goal for the ages," "the goal of the year" and the "lacrosse
Between these two rivals, low-scoring matches and overtime games are par for the course. Of the 16 times the teams have faced
American players to watch this weekend include newcomer Brianna Decker, a University of Wisconsin sophomore who has three
“My younger sister, Bailey, only played with boys up until sixth grade, which is pretty young to make the switch. I think
A South African runner whose gender identity stirred up huge controversy will be permitted to keep her title and prize money. But how do we define what is too male to compete in a women's sport?