Far from being a superfluous distraction from the hard work of social and political change, sport is becoming recognized as among the world's most powerful weapons for changing hearts and minds.
As the eyes of the world turn elsewhere, South Africans, myself included, find themselves inspired by the creativity and entrepreneurism surrounding the spectacle. So in the spirit of optimism, here are six such examples you might have missed.
The truth most World Cup nations know is: If we start them young, we can compete and win. The key to America's economic future is educating kids as early in their lives as we can.
Is there one factor, one measure of knowing when a new community is totally integrated? As individuals, families, and whole communities emigrate, they bring with them their eating habits and traditions.
To address the increase of HIV/AIDS cases in South Africa, one organization is using the country's love for soccer to keep children engaged, empowered and most importantly, away from risk to transmission.
Every four years, I look forward to the World Cup. It's the one time where my small country, Portugal, commands a little respect on the world stage. But this World Cup is different... I know too much.
The South African government is making significant investment ($493 million) in mass transportation to streamline moving people around the nine host cities.