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LeBron James found himself in an unusual position during the World Cup final: The four-time NBA MVP was a spectator. Based
* Germans seek first ever European win on Latin American soil Brazilian fans have largely thrown their lot in with Germany
Quiz widget by So, as we prepare to embark on the nearly four-year wait for the next World Cup, we ask you: How closely were
Under the brightest of lights imaginable and with the eyes of the world square upon them, perennial juggernauts Germany and Argentina are set to square off in a mouthwatering World Cup Final at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.
While the United States may not be known for its futbol fanaticism, that's no reason not to brush up on your soccer trivia
But the Great White Shark capitulated in Sunday's final round as his game deserted him. He could only muster a six-over-par
The future capital is being built by workers who live in a cluster of 2,000 temporary wooden buildings, near the site of
Forty years on, the valley is not for everyone anymore. As with everything else in the mega event, the FIFA Fan Fest thrives in the concept of a VIP space, where people are left out if they're not inside avidly consuming. That's the concept of a city that FIFA is promoting. It's like it's crying out loudly over and over again: "No, this is not a public space -- and the World Cup is definitely not a public event."
Monday, the U.S. team plays their first game against Ghana. If they win, or if they advance beyond group stage again, MLS and soccer in general will make great strides.
The only cocktail you should be drinking for the next few weeks.