Henrique Capriles, 40, a former state governor, won a first-ever opposition presidential primary in February. Capriles won
Victory would allow Chavez to continue a wave of nationalizations and consolidate control over the economy, though a recurrence
DUBAI, Sept 7 (Reuters) - Iran will hold presidential elections on June 14 next year, the Interior Ministry said on Friday
For Mexico's reform agenda to truly prosper, it must have three elements of success. The first (and patently obvious) is that the party which is leading charge must garner the necessary political capital to get it through a typically combative congress.
The Libyan elections were never about who would win. They were always about how badly the Islamists would lose.
For all of the good cheer on election day, there were sad reminders that the Transitional National Council remains locked in a bitter contest with unruly, violent-prone militias and tribal gunmen who continue to roam vast swaths of Libya, refusing to lay down their arms.
By almost all accounts, Enrique Peña Nieto will be the next president of Mexico -- except if you talk to his leftist opponent
Despite López Obrador's refusal to concede, President Calderón has already congratulated Peña Nieto on his victory. Reuters
MEXICO CITY, July 2 (Reuters) - Mexico's creaky domestic economy, riddled with monopolies and inefficiencies, makes the next
For the first time ever, a woman could win Mexico's presidential election. Recently Vázquez Mota added an unexpected twist to the campaign by asking her female followers to withhold "hanky panky" until their husbands agree to vote.
Cairo (CNN) -- Egypt's first ever democratically elected president, Mohamed Morsi, will make history in another way: by appointing
Revolutions are not events but processes. These processes are long, conflictual, fraught with sudden leaps forward and discouraging retreats. But nothing says that things will not happen in Egypt at this dawn of the 21st century as they have in other great countries.
For decades under Mubarak's rule, the Muslim Brotherhood was marginalized, and many of its members jailed. We were joined
After days of delay for the results of its presidential runoff, Egypt has announced Mohammed Morsi as the winner of the election
Just before the election, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has ruled since Mubarak's fall, slapped de facto
Independent Greeks The Independent Greeks are a right-wing conservative party formed in February 2012 by Panos Kammenos, a
Today there is a threat: this party, the Front National, that preaches disunion, promotes an exit from the European Union and proposes suicidal measures in a time of crisis.
In the square, government figures took to the stage invoking the words of Chavez. Earlier, a rapper warmed up the crowd with
Adel, 23, is one of the mostly middle-class, secular-minded young people who galvanised last year's demonstrations that in
After a third day of failed talks with political leaders, a spokesman for President Karolos Papoulias said the process of