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On World Polio Day, health experts celebrated the "endgame" of polio eradication.
"But this is no time to stop and rest," says Tiffani Sharp, Founder & Executive Director of Willow Tree Roots, a non-profit describes some of these technologies now helping to change lives. In many parts of Africa, when an x-ray
In light of the prodigious threat posed by Lassa fever to an already fragile public healthcare system, WBFA and I will also facilitate capacity building for healthcare workers, especially in the areas of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH), in order to minimize morbidities and mortalities resulting from the disease.
In Brazilian pharmacies, insect repellent has tripled or even quadrupled in price.
Half of the country's children aren't vaccinated against the disease.
Anyone who tests positive for the virus should start treatment immediately.
Many more lives are still at risk. We must seize the momentum, embrace ambition and move faster to end HIV, TB and malaria as epidemics.
But there are still about 16,000 children under five dying each day.
First, this is about healthy lives "for all." Not just citizens and not just those with official documents, but everyone, including the thousands of migrants fleeing conflicts or those, like many Roma in Eastern Europe, who officially do not exist.
There's a new film out on Dean Kamen's latest and greatest invention, "Slingshot." That's the name of both the fascinating documentary by Paul Lazarus and Kamen's latest, life-altering brainstorm.