world health day

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Not enough people with depression are getting the help they need.
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Today, April 7th, marks World Health Day 2016, a yearly event that gives public health advocates a unique opportunity to raise global awareness for a key health issue. Few occasions give us such a platform to enliven discussion and coordinate action for health on a truly global scale--inspiring change from the smallest community health clinics to the most prominent boardrooms. This year, we are all talking about diabetes.
Creating more sustained awareness is one of the keys to better public health. Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death in children aged under five years and much of this is preventable. This is one reason why World Health Day this year is focused on food safety.
The bottom line is that FoodSwitch can help consumers make better, heart-healthier decisions in a quick, easy way. Such scrutiny could push food makers to improve their products, and perhaps serve as a surveillance tool for policy-makers and other regulators.
Individual food choices are a big wellness factor. If you want to get serious about your health, get a jump on World Heath Day tomorrow by making today meatless.
"You can't compete if your feet hurt, if your teeth hurt or if your ears ache."
When the visionary leaders who created the United Nations got down to business, one of the first subjects they tackled was trying to improve the health of people all around the world.
The global health community has a huge task ahead in order to control or eliminate the worst neglected tropical diseases transmitted by insects or snails.
Singularly combating specific diseases will not lead to widespread access to healthcare or eradication of diseases like polio or tuberculosis. This is particularly true in developing countries due to complexities of the challenges involved.
It's typical to assume that managing public health challenges in the developing world is the primary responsibility of the public sector. And that's not wrong: a well-functioning public health system is fundamental to saving more lives and keeping more people healthy.
Evian celebrated World Health Day in Miami presenting Live Young, Skate On! at Collins Park in Miami Beach. Hundreds of skate
As life-spans routinely stretch into the 80s and 90s and as birth rates continue to drop to unprecedented lows, the importance of maintaining health as we age becomes even more crucial.
We need an entirely different approach, something that recognizes that growing into old age is a long transition taking 20 or 30 years, rather than a sudden cutting off point. It should mean more flexibility in the workplace.