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"Speak up and put down signs of racism, acts of hatred.”
A cornerstone of the Trump administration’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace, involving a restructuring of relations
As such important members of the Jewish community, I urge you to speak up and speak out.
My late teacher and mentor Elie Wiesel once explained that, “In my tradition we have the expression ‘to be like a bow.’ You
We must face a simple fact: What most of these radical youth have in common is that they come from heavily concentrated Muslim areas in major European cities.
The declaration rejected the notion that the Jewish people should be held responsible for Jesus’ death.
The majority of refugees are courageous people. They are grateful to be permitted to live in safety here, and in turn they are willing to contribute to their host country. We should give them the chance to do so.
Palin has long argued that the world's resources are a gift from God to be plundered. Climate change? Palin doesn't believe that humans could impact the climate. People of faith have a special responsibility here because we are charged by God to be stewards of creation and thus far we have failed to live out our responsibilities.
There must not be a faith test for the right to perform one's art anywhere in the world of modern society. Such a measure of intolerance is always offensive, irrespective of the faith or political opinion is targets.
Bronfman, in his role as President of the Samuel Bronfman Foundation, also gave generously to Jewish causes. It is unlikely that anyone will ever support such a broad range of Jewish organizations and causes ever again.
"Edgar was deeply committed to making Judaism relevant to all those who were seeking it. He sought to build a big tent, open for vigorous debate, impassioned questioning, and full of joy."
This sordid tale is of far more than academic interest for me: My parents were imprisoned at Auschwitz. I'd be horrified to discover their uniforms advertised on eBay or anywhere else.
Pope Francis wished Jews around the world a "sweet and peaceful" new year, and used the traditional Jewish greeting of "Shana
Korman's report summed up operations since a landmark 1998 deal between the World Jewish Congress and Swiss banks. Another
Shepherd said support for Golden Dawn had risen in opinion polls since the election and the Athens government was so concerned
JERUSALEM (RNS) Jews and Israelis, or passengers carrying any non-Islamic article of faith, will not be able to fly code
While a five-year sentence may sound excessive for a 91-year-old man, I cannot ignore nor forget the fact that, because of monsters like John Demjanjuk, some of my surname never had the chance to even reach the age of nine.
LONDON (Reuters) – A British World War Two veteran and his publisher have defended his account of smuggling himself into