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Where does water come from? It seems such a simple question, and the answer is known from our earliest science lessons when
The Sea Connects All Things... As exhilarating as it is to think that an organization with a tiny operating budget and three
Greenlanders have experienced some of the good and much of the bad of such “imperial” investment.
Note my emphasis. The opening of the Arctic as a result of climate change has signaled a threat of a parallel opening to
Peter Neill is founder and director of the WORLD OCEAN Observatory, a web-based place of exchange for information and educational
This week we turn to the third in our series of favorite nature writers and their observations that have shaped the underlying message of the World Ocean Observatory.
Peter Neill is founder and director of the WORLD OCEAN Observatory, a web-based place of exchange for information and educational
As I reflect on the now surprising longevity of the World Ocean Blog and our weekly audio program, the World Ocean Radio
In recent years, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have used the 1906 Antiquities Act to protect vast marine areas in the Pacific Ocean by declaring them as "national marine monuments."
Our Children's Trust is fighting against this phenomenon by bringing legal action in all 50 states and the federal government using the public trust doctrine as the basis for cause to force enforcement of existing regulation and redress the evident, measurable damages.
The earth's surface is more than 70% ocean, supporting our claim that our planet would have best been called "Aqua," more water than land, a sea of blue connecting the remaining disconnected green, where has been concentrated the history of human activity, for better or for worse.
And supported. It is true that the Islands, and Ecuador, derive a large part of their foreign currency from visitors in search
It is fair to say that any assessment of the world ocean will conclude that the system is challenged in every way that it
But these activities, the Report argues, must be seen as the impetus for concentric impacts beyond--the full expansion of
Peter Neill is author of the recently released "The Once and Future Ocean: Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society" now available
According to the Introduction, the process "was tasked with providing a first Assessment that could serve as a baseline for
In October 2015, Peter Taptuna, the Premier of Nunavut, the northeastern territory that, with two others, central and west, comprise the land that borders the Canadian Arctic, wrote an open letter to the four candidates in the coming Federal elections.
We are accountable for our decisions, our investments, our respect for law, and our moral choices. Every day would seem, then, to be a moving calculation of multiple accountabilities - a ledger of life, with surpluses and, yes, deficits.
A city of some 100,000 residents, Flint, Michigan has dominated the news in the United States as a tragic story of mismanagement and health consequences centered on a political decision to save funds by changing the city's water supply to a polluted source.