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We know this cycle, and if we think about it at all, it becomes easy to understand the idea that the ocean where 97% of that
This world is connected, not divided, by the sea. Through the circulation of protein, goods, people, and ideas. Storm impact
Greenlanders have experienced some of the good and much of the bad of such “imperial” investment.
The sea connects all things, and thus it can be viewed through the prism of almost any time, place, or subject. These latter
-- What does it take for the will of the people to coalesce around a single issue, to be informed and changed into a voice
This week we turn to the third in our series of favorite nature writers and their observations that have shaped the underlying message of the World Ocean Observatory.
Like poets and other essayists on Nature, Dillard was able also to relate the micro to the macro, to turn reality into metaphor
In recent years, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama have used the 1906 Antiquities Act to protect vast marine areas in the Pacific Ocean by declaring them as "national marine monuments."
Our Children's Trust is fighting against this phenomenon by bringing legal action in all 50 states and the federal government using the public trust doctrine as the basis for cause to force enforcement of existing regulation and redress the evident, measurable damages.
The earth's surface is more than 70% ocean, supporting our claim that our planet would have best been called "Aqua," more water than land, a sea of blue connecting the remaining disconnected green, where has been concentrated the history of human activity, for better or for worse.