World Records

Doctors believe new mom Mangayamma Yaramati is the oldest woman in the world to give birth.
The car broke through the 300-mph barrier during a test run last month.
American Caeleb Dressel toppled Phelps' 100-meter butterfly mark, leaving the swimming legend holding onto one last world record.
Kristóf Milák blasted Phelps' 200 meter butterly mark out of the water at the world championships in South Korea.
A statement from Guinness World Records explained that officials didn't want to mistake her for a doctor.
Steven Langley owns seven Guinness World Records, including “most paddle balls controlled simultaneously by a person."
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just shattered an Instagram record.
North Dakota’s insurance commissioner, Jon Godfread, said he will contest New York City councilman Robert Cornegy Jr.'s title.
The previous tallest politician measured in at 6 feet, 7.5 inches.
Thousands of Smurfs and Smurfettes gathered to try and break the Guinness World Record for the largest Smurf meeting ever.
Masazo Nonaka credited sweets and soaking in his family's hot springs for his impressive longevity.
Researchers who verified Jeanne Calment's claim say the new theory is nonsense.
The 33-year-old from Oregon is the first person to cross the continent unaided.
The Kansas City Symphony breaks Guinness World Record for the largest tuba ensemble.
Maya Gabeira broke the Guinness World Record for the largest wave surfed by a woman.
Everything from the guy with the most body modifications to the cat balancing the most dice on one paw.
Ray Woolley broke his own record, which he set last year.