world teacher's day

The prime minister reminisced about his time as a schoolteacher in this "gem" of a picture.
Fifty years after its adoption, therefore, we believe that the Recommendation on the Status of Teachers remains highly relevant
On World Teacher's Day, don't forget to thank your favorite art teacher or English professor.
What is among the first actions that brutal totalitarian regimes take upon assuming power? They imprison, exile or "disappear" teachers.
Are you up for doing a little something this World Teachers' Day to make a big difference to education around the world? Of course you are. Here's a handy guide on how to help the UK, Russia, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya.
Gossy is the founder and President of Beni American University, Nigeria's first online university, and his dream is to leverage on technology to transform how education is provided in this 21st-Century-Africa.
However, in order to hire more teachers, the region would have to spend billions more in teacher salaries. For sub-Saharan
Through our work at Next Generation Schools, we have realized that programs of capacity building and motivation of teachers are instrumental in uplifting teacher morale and the quality of teachers in Uganda.
Varkey also pointedly says that teachers should be held in the same regard as widely respected professionals like doctors